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Congrats to #TJOysterBar on its 20th anniversary!🎉 Thanks for serving our community delicious Baja seafood. Be sure to stop by at one of 2 TJ Oyster Bar's in Bonita ...
📍4246 Bonita Rd
📍4410 Bonita Rd
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Our communities were established by equestrian founders who wanted neighborhoods w/ horse-friendly spaces. We work w/ like-minded groups to help "protect, preserve and promote Bonita".

Attend our next meeting on 8/3/22 & learn more:

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Six open shows are hosted every season at Rohr Park, 4548 Sweetwater Road Bonita, CA. If you are a local equestrian, or just have a love for horses, please stop by their next horse show to support our equine community. Learn more at
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🐴 Sunnyside Saddle Club, one of our local equestrian groups, will be hosting their next horse show on July 17th! SSC provides non-professional riders an opportunity to show their horses in a fun & relaxing, yet competitive environment. (1/3)
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"A father is the perfect blend of superhero, coach, and friend." -Jeannie Hund

#HappyFathersDay from the Sweetwater Valley Civic Association!
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#MissBonita attended the #SweetwaterValleyCivicAssociation Monthly Meeting to hear from Nora Vargas,Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Dept, and more. Thank you so much for join us.! Learn more - Join Online : sweetwatervca photo
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