SANDAG 2025 Regional Plan

SANDAG 2025 Regional Plan

Community update on the SANDAG 2025 Regional Plan providing important information to the public.

For the Bonita/Sweetwater Valley area, the plan lists the construction of managed lanes (separated carpool/toll) along SR 54, a better connector between 94 and 125, and bike lanes separate from roads among other things.

Of note, it stated the end of the toll on SR 125 in 2037, but the SVCA knows from David Alvarez that the toll will end in about 3 years. Read SANDAG’s initial concept and statements below for more information.

This is a long-term regional plan and I’m sure it will change as time goes by. This has a lot of detail and you may find it interesting.

Judy Tieber, SVCA President

Judy Tieber, President
Sweetwater Valley Civic Association


Learn how the public’s input is shaping SANDAG‘s 2025 Regional Plan.

SANDAG has been hard at work collecting input from people all over the region about how to improve our transportation network.

The public can read about the feedback we’ve received and how it’s influencing the development of our 2025 Regional Plan by looking at the initial concept, which has high-level details on what the projects, programs, and policies could look like in this plan.

The SANDAG Board reviewed this initial concept on Friday, January 26, and provided feedback to staff.  Although this date has already passed, comments can still be taken. If you would like to send in feedback, you can:

*Note, comments may be limited to one minute per person.

Thank you,
The SANDAG Regional Plan Team

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