SD County Sheriff Announement

SD County Sheriff Announement

San Diego County Sheriff

Our Mission: In partnership with our communities, we provide the highest quality public safety services.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is the chief law enforcement agency in the County of San Diego. The department provides general law enforcement and jail functions for the people of San Diego County. In the unincorporated areas [such as Bonita and Sunnyside], the Sheriff’s Department provides generalized patrol services as well as all the necessary law enforcement investigative services. The California Highway Patrol provides the traffic service for these areas.

Free Security Inspections
If you desire, a Crime Prevention Specialist can conduct a free security inspection of your property. The inspection takes about one hour. It includes an examination of the interior and exterior structures, as well as suggestions concerning other appropriate security measures. To schedule an appointment, call 619-498-2435 during regular business hours.

Neighborhood Watch (NW)
This program has proven to be an effective way of reducing crime. For more information, please call 619-498-2435 during regular business hours.

Do Your Part!
Great tips and checklist to help you keep your home and neighborhood safe.

Dial 9-1-1 (for all types of emergencies)

P: 858-565-5200

(Local) Contact Information

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
Imperial Beach Command
845 Imperial Beach Blvd.
Imperial Beach, CA 91932
P: 619-498-2400 | F: 619-575-6754

Web Site
San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

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