South American Black Palm Weevil

South American Black Palm Weevil

Invasion of the South American Black Palm Weevil

Mr. Dean Knuth has kindly passed along an article to be shared with Sweetwater Valley Civic Association and members of the community.¬† Mr. Knuth stated “Since there are so many Canary Island Date Palms in Bonita, I thought that you would like to know about the invasion of the South American (black) Palm Weevil that is hitting us hard. There was an article on it a few weeks ago in the south bay section of the Union Tribune, but they had no solution to the problem.”

More Information on Weevil’s and Its Impact on Sweetwater Valley

The shiny black South American Palm Weevil is 1.5 inches to 2 inches long and flies from tree to tree. It mainly targets Canary Island date palms but has also been known to target avocados and citrus trees. The weevil migrated from Mexico into the Chula Vista and Bonita region in the past few years, but the invasion has grown enormous now. Hundreds of the palms have been killed. The weevil infestation has been noted to be especially bad in the Sweetwater river valley.

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