Watershed Protection Program Pet Waste Tips

Watershed Protection Program Pet Waste Tips

Photo Credit - Merwin V., Yelp

Stormwater Pollution and Pet Waste

The Sweetwater Valley Civic Association is passing on this message from the County of San Diego Water Protection Program for community members to read and keep informed on the topic of pet waste and stormwater pollution in this rainy season.

Everyone has an important part in preventing water pollution. It has come to SVCA’s attention that the new Rohr dog park and pet exercise area has had issues with pet waste being left behind. The County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program shared that, “[w]hen pet waste comes into contact with water, (i.e. rain, hose water, sprinklers, etc.) bacteria, parasites, and viruses found in pet waste can be carried into our storm drains and local waterways.” Please help keep our community clean and safe by being considerate pet owners.

Read tips and learn more about water quality improvements below.

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