SVCA Annual Meeting – August 3, 2022

SVCA Annual Meeting – August 3, 2022

Please join us for the upcoming Sweetwater Valley Civic Association August 3rd Meeting.

Dear SVCA Members, Chief Sims, Safety Officer Garcia, and Representatives of our Elected Officials:

I’m sending you a heads up to please reserve the evening of August 3, 2022, for our annual meeting.We will have a busy and informative meeting on Wednesday so I hope you will join us. (Since the Briarwood and Sweetwater Rd intersection is one of our busiest, I trust you will want to know how Sweetwater Authority plans to mitigate construction disruption in the area.)

August 3rd Agenda Snapshot:

  • Treasurer’s report for May 2022
  • Fire Safety News and Information from Fire Chief Mike Sims and from Sheriff’s Dept Julio Garcia
  • Words from Elected Representative Reports: Kathleen Dang from the office of Representative Sara Jacobs, Andrew Harvey from the office of Supervisor Nora Vargas, and Amanda Angulo from the office of Councilmember John McCann

New Business:

  • Sweetwater Authority plan to replace old water pipe along Sweetwater Road east of Briarwood. And will also talk about how/will the continuing California drought affect our local water use.
  • With words from Gwyneth Shoecraft, Sr. Public Affairs Representative and Erick Del Bosque, Director of Engineering and Operations
  • And talks on newly established Officer at Large position and open Neighborhood Ambassador positions

News from the Community Forum:

  • Traffic and Roads—Mike Clowers
  • Sweetwater Community Planning Group—Stephen Stonehouse
  • Sr. Volunteer Patrol—Jim Woodford
  • Membership—Sharon Coleman
  • Trails—Mark Kukucheck
  • And other announcements/concerns

SVCA Board of Director Positions

We continue with the long-standing problem of open Neighborhood Ambassador positions. These positions are part of the Board of Directors of the Association, and as such, are important because these Ambassadors keep us informed of neighborhood-specific issues. We welcome your inquiries into open positions. Please see the image of available positions below.

*We are currently still looking for a resident to serve as Member at Large on our Board of Directors.

NOTE: Our Bylaws state that anyone running for elected office must have attended the two previous meetings and must agree before his/her name is submitted for consideration.

The May crime map, included below, was put together by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. We will have the large map at the meeting if you want to check it out and give thoughtful consideration to this opportunity to make a difference.

I hope to see you all for our August 3rd meeting.

Sweetwater Valley Civic Association
Annual Meeting: August 3, 2022
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Bonita Library Community Room

Best Wishes,
Judy Tieber, President
Sweetwater Valley Civic Association

May 2022 Crime Report
Neighborhood Director Opportunities
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